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Twenty Challenges for a Public Institution

Created by MF |


1. Be exciting!
2. Ask for low admission or none at all!
3. Provide fully accessible pathways to all your rooms!
4. Speak many languages!
5. Put a note on your invitations specifying that people can bring their friends!
6. Be a place where visitors can bring their own food!
7. Do not police your visitors!
8. Offer your resources to be used for free!
9. Use your most profitable spaces for non-profit activties as well!
10. Do not put education studios in the basement!
11. Be self-reflexive!
12. Seek partnerships and welcome external programming!
13. Speak honestly about your history!
14. Return stolen objects!
15. Act fairly and speak out against injustice!
16. Host dinners also for those who could not afford them!
17. Be a good neighbour!
18. Be a good boss!
19. Do not make the visitor exit through the gift shop!
20. Do not sell out!

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